Save Money on Organic Potatoes

Want to save money on root vegetables without a root cellar?  Join me for this New Class!

You already know you can save money on food by buying it in bulk and storing it, but how can you store winter crops if you don’t have a root cellar?  Organic food can be more expensive if you buy a little at a time at the store, but the cost comes way down if you buy directly from local farmers and store it.

How so?  The average store price of organic potatoes is $1.47/lb.  You might even pay as much as $2.25/lb to buy a few at a time.  In contrast, you can buy them from our local Arkansas Valley Organic Growers (AVOG) right now for 66¢/lb.!

Did you do the math?  You could save $80.00 by buying from AVOG and storing the food properly.

Join me at Hunt or Gather at Ivywild School on December 7, 2014 at 11AM to learn how to store potatoes in your kitchen or garage without having them sprout and become compost before you get through them.  We’ll talk about …

  • Equipment you’ll need
  • The importance of temperature
  • Understanding the life cycle of a potato
  • When you shouldn’t store potatoes (I’ll tell you my personal story about learning this when I had to bury foul smelling potato mush in my backyard)

We’ll talk about all these things and I’ll demonstrate how to store the potatoes.  We’ll be done by noon, in time to hit the local hardware store for supplies!  The class costs $5 per participant (to cover supplies) and there will be plenty of time to shop for local food at Hunt or Gather.

Click here to sign up!

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