Where to get Locally Raised Eggs & Meat in Colorado Springs

Do you sell eggs or meat in Colorado Springs or the vicinity?  Contact us to be listed here at no charge!

Eggs from locally raised, pastured chickens

Ahavah Farm
Chicken & duck eggs. Deliveries to your home in Colorado Springs or Denver

Ahavah Farm Delivers Eggs to Colorado Springs

Ahavah Farm delivers right to your door in Colorado Springs and Denver! Ahavah chickens forage in a huge outdoor pasture and stare wistfully into the greenhouses at the vegetables grown for the CSA. Call or email today to order!


Cluckin’ Chicken Ranch (Calhan)
Eggs, Honey

Corner Post Meats
Deliveries to Colorado Springs, Denver and Ft. Collins
Visit the website to order.

Heritage Belle Farm
Chicken, duck and goose eggs available.
Call to order.  Farm Pickup in Calhan.

Hunt or Gather
Contact for information about buying eggs.  Visit the website or Facebook page.
(719) 246-3801

Kretsinger Farm
100% grass finished beef as well as pasture raised lamb and pork and value added meat products from the San Luis Valley, CO.

Miele Farms
Eggs, beef, lamb, pork, chicken

Venetucci Farm
Eggs available at the farmstand on Saturday mornings or Wednesday at the Farm and Art Market

Heather Sams (Backyard Flock in Fountain)
Email SamsHeather@hotmail.com

Kelsey Patsky (Backyard Flock in Security)
Free range, fed organic, GMO free, corn free, soy free feed.
Call or text: (719) 310-7945

Sara Simpson (Backyard Flock in Falcon)

Rob Mcintyre (Backyard Flock in Falcon)
Chicken eggs

Kiersten Deen (Backyard Flock in Peyton)

Shannon Sayar (Backyard Flock in Central Colorado Springs – 80909)
Email shannon.sayar@gmail.com

Nichole Fetterhoff (Backyard Flock in Colorado Springs)
Call 719-686-3626

Moon Dew Gardens, Duck Eggs, (backyard flock in central Colorado Springs)
Text (719) 290-0416

Briggs Farm (Backyard Flock near Palmer Park)
Contact through http://briggs.farm/contact-us/ or  www.FB.com/BriggsEggventure

Little Roman Farm
Leticia Ward

Gone Quackers (Divide)
Duck & chicken eggs. Organic-fed.
Carol Vilcek

Jersey Girls
Corine and Mike Foulk

Pasture Raised Meat

Note: Call the farms for poultry. Federal law requires special arrangements (similar to buying raw milk) for meat processed on the farm.

Brett Gray Ranch
Pastured Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished beef
(970) 768-1970

Corner Post Meats
Deliveries to Colorado Springs, Denver and Ft. Collins of pastured grass-fed, grass-finished beef, chicken, pork
Visit the website to order.

Heritage Belle Farm
Pastured, grass-finished longhorn beef, pork, chicken
Call to order.  Farm Pickup in Calhan.

Hunt or Gather
Join the Buying Club for to order from local farms.

Jersey Girls
Pork, bones, leaf lard
Corine and Mike Foulk

Pure Foods Colorado
Pasture Raised Beef
(719) 930-2627

Frost Family Farm
Pasture raised lamb
Call to reserve a lamb

Sangres Best
Pasture-raised, grass-finished beef
Visit the website to order or find them at local farmers markets
(719) 783-2222

Venetucci Farm
Individual pork & beef cuts available at the farmstand on Saturday mornings.  Call for availability of quarters and halves (bulk meat)


Where to get Locally Raised Eggs & Meat in Colorado Springs — 17 Comments

  1. I have a 5 month old silkie rooster to rehome. He’s very nice but I’m in Colorado Springs city limits so can’t keep him. Bought him when he was a squeak so didn’t know. Raised him on organic feed. He’s never pecked me. Maybe a nice addition to someones flock.

    • That’s a tough one … A lot of people around town raise meat birds, but they aren’t organized anywhere I know of. Try visiting the Colorado Springs Urban Homestead Meetup at meet up.com and write to the organizer, Monycka. She may know of someone.

  2. Hey! I love your blog, and I was wondering if you knew of any farms that raise corn-fed beef without any of the growth hormones or the petroleum-based protein pellets? My family raised beef that way when I was growing up, and the taste is completely from any commercial beef I’ve eaten. I’d like to be able to enjoy a burger the way ours tasted growing up!! Plus, the extra fat makes roasts taste better than grass-fed beef.

    • Hi Danielle,

      Most of the ranches I’m connected to raise grass-finished beef, but you’re right that corn-finished beef tastes different and has more fat. Have you tried visiting Ranch Foods Direct? http://ranchfoodsdirect.com

      RFD finishes their cattle on a mix of grains in a clean, uncrowded feedlot. You can visit their ranch just over the border with Kansas to see the cattle for yourself. This is from their website…

      “Calves spend the first several months of their lives with their mama cows on grass pastures. After weaning, they are fed a high-energy ration of natural corn, barley, and sorghum for approximately 180-220 days before processing because we believe it makes the meat more tender and flavorful. We always buy the freshest, most local ingredients available for our stringent feeding program while following all generally accepted sustainable and humane practices. No synthetic growth hormones are used, and no continuous-fed sub-therapeutic antibiotics (which can cause bacterial resistance in human medicine) and no animal by-products are used in our feeding program.”

      This is where I go when I run out of my grass-finished quarter and I need meat. It’s very good.

      Thanks for the compliment on the blog!


  3. I’m having difficulty finding Cornish hens. I have a recipe that i would like to perfect and ranch food direct doesn’t currently have any. Any ideas?

    • Hi James,

      I don’t know of anyone raising Cornish Hens, but you could try contacting a rancher who raises chickens and asking if they’d raise a few for you.

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