Locally Grown Agricultural Products in Colorado Springs

Looking for backyard eggs? Colorado Springs hosts a thriving community of backyard farmers and real farms with happy, pastured chickens.

Want the best quality meat by the piece, quarter, half or whole? Colorado ranches offer grass-finished or grain-finished beef. You can get pastured lamb, pork and even chicken … if you know where to look.

Click here to find locally raised eggs and meat. Most ranches deliver to Colorado Springs.

What about milk? Colorado boasts many dairy ranches within a day’s drive of Colorado Springs. State law requires you to own a herd share to buy raw milk, but most share programs deliver to the Springs and Denver.

Click here to find out where to buy locally produced raw milk from Colorado Springs dairy ranches.

Ready for locally grown, organic vegetables and fruits!

Click here for a list of three local farm share programs (a.k.a. CSAs)


Locally Grown Agricultural Products in Colorado Springs — 11 Comments

  1. I would like to buy eggs close to my Rockrimmon home? Can often find at the Farmer’s market but they are often out. I’d like someone I could work with for most of the year.

    • I’ll keep an eye out, Carol. Did you try contacting Lil’ Bit Farm or Joyful Noise? They may be willing to add a drop-off point, especially if your neighbors want eggs too.

  2. Looking for a non-slaughter cow dairy that can sell me wholesale milk. Non-slaughter meaning the cows live out their natural lives and are not sold for meat when milk production slows/stops. Anyone know of such a thing locally??? Thanks so much!

    • I only know of one local dairy, Larga Vista, but it’s share-based raw milk. I’ll let you know if I hear of anything that meets your criteria!

  3. I would like to acquire chicken hearts. Buying gizzards and hearts at the market does not provide enough hearts. Also, I would like to know how to acquire a half or whole pig.

    • Have you tried checking with Corner Post Meats for chicken hearts? Or Easter Egg Acres may have kept the hearts from their most recent batch of meat chickens. You may have to make arrangements with a farm to save the hearts for you if you need a lot. As for the pig, try contacting Heritage Belle Farms or Corner Post Meats. They may have the meat available or you can get on the list for the next time they process.

      You can find the links to all of these farms in the Where to Get Locally Raised Eggs & Meat page.

  4. I would like to purchase several dozen eggs – some chicken, some duck and goose but I heard there was a farm which also sells turkey eggs. Never had one and would like to purchase and try several. Love the colored eggs (blue, pink, brown, etc.). Free range/cage free is great – with no gmo’s, etc.

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