Learn about Local Food, Farms & Businesses in Colorado Springs

Learn about Local Food, Farms & Businesses in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs knows the power of community!  Just think of how we helped each other during the fires and you’ll know it’s true.

Your community isn’t just your friends and family. It’s also your neighbors, the people you work with, the local shopkeepers and the farmers you meet at the farmers’ market.

You know them. You like them and you trust them. They are your neighbors and their hard work supports our local economy.

That’s why you would rather do business with them than strangers.

“Thank you for the beautiful story—it brought many views to my Etsy shop and two sales so far!”

Evelina S., Jewelry Artist and Owner of Evaline Jewelry

Well, that and because they have great products! Local farms sell fresher, cleaner vegetables, local bakeries offer tastier baked goods and independent local professionals offer more personalized service.

If only they were easier to find when you needed them! Without the advertising budget of larger companies, local businesses struggle to make themselves known.

We give you information about them because we want you to find them!

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Where are the local farms and Colorado businesses?

Bonnie is a friend, a great lady, and one of the hardest-working supporters of “buying local” that I know.  If buying local is something that you try to do, her newsletter is THE place to keep informed.”

I hope you will sign up for her newsletter, and tell your friends
about it.”

—Sandra Knauf, Publisher of Greenwoman Magazine

Hungry Chicken Homestead connects you with local business owners and farmers in town by telling you their unique stories.

We’ll tell you about people like Kim and Doug Wiley who built a raw milk dairy on land Doug’s family has owned for generations and Angela Buchanan, who used her cupcake business to bring joy to her mother’s final days.

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Awesome! Thanks for the info on local businesses, Bonnie!

—Allie H.

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