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“Hungry Chicken Homestead finds ways to promote local business, local food,
the power of community and the American Dream.”


Sometimes people say they can’t find anything locally owned in Colorado Springs, that it’s filled with chains.  It’s not true!  Inspiring people start businesses in this town every day!

If you are looking for those businesses, you’re in the right place. This website includes posts about a variety of topics of interest to those who prefer to keep their money local. You’ll find information about locally owned farms, businesses (including restaurants and coffee shops) and community events.

Hungry Chicken Homestead wants to tell you their stories, help you find them and help you develop the skills to eat local all year round.  We offer canning classes in the summer so that you can buy as much local produce as you want and listings of local farms where you can buy meat, milk and produce!  We’ve also got recipes, but I have to warn you that we made them up ourselves.

You can find catalogs of our posts on Pinterest:

You’ll also find essays about chickens, because in addition being great providers of food, observation has shown us that chickens are more fun than a barrel of monkeys…


If you run a business in Colorado Springs, you might be interested to know that Hungry Chicken Homestead provides a variety of writing and promotional services.  We want to help you get your name out there so that you can compete with the big guys.  We offer branding stories, social media promotions, copywriting for your advertisements, copy and maintenance for your website and more!

Contact us if you’d like to be featured on this blog at no charge.  If your business is headquartered in Colorado and has a presence in the Springs, we want Colorado Springs’ consumers to know you’re out there!


About Hungry Chicken Homestead — 9 Comments

  1. Bonnie, I have been anxiously waiting for this – you and your chicken stories keep me laughing and I thoroughly enjoy them. Keep up the blog.

  2. Bonnie, What a great website and blog! I can now attempt to identify the individuals over the fence ( I greet them a couple times each week). One day while clucking over the fence, I heard what sounded like a chicken in distress, but could not see the poor thing anywhere in the back yard. I soon realized that she was down in a well, the basement window well! Her complaining would make you think there was no way out…..so open the basement window and let me in! I offered the best advise I could (in english).. come on and flap out of there! She did!

    • So you’re the one who taught her how to get out! I found a chicken in the window well the other day and she didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned that she would be stuck in there! Sure enough, a little later I went outside and she was running around with The Flock again. I wondered when they had learned about the window wells (and the potential for good bugs in there). I only wish I had been there to see how she got in there in the first place!

  3. HI! I have no idea how I found your blog, but I love it! (It all started with a search for “beginners guide to garlic” I do know that. *grins*)

    I have scribbled several sticky notes with addresses of places I can’t wait to visit the next time I’m down in the Springs (I live up the Pass in Florissant).

    Keep doing what you do!

    • Thanks, Jenn! I love when people find all this stuff useful or interesting. 🙂

      Did you find the information you needed on garlic? I know a grower.

  4. Hello,
    We are a new business in Colorado Springs and would love for you to share our story with your readers We are a British family living in Manitou Springs and we started our preschool in the basement of our home in Cystal Hills. We have moved to our current address in Mountain Shadows in September and we have morphed into an Art School with a preschool and after school program. I believe we are the only choice-based art school in Colorado Springs, meaning we provide the materials, space and professional guidance and the children respond by re-purposing and creating at their own pace and under their own initiative Let me know if you would like to see some photos of our recent Thanksgiving Break Workshop. Our mission is to nurture creative thinking skills through art and we do so by providing open-ended resources (junk)! We also reach out to the community to help keep us stocked with their cast-offs/recyclables that would otherwise be thrown away. Regards, Maria and Alain Navaratne 719-659-5371

  5. Hi Bonnie! My husband and I moved to Iowa from Colorado Springs in 2006. 🙂 He graduated from and then returned to teach at USAFA later in his AF career. We sure do miss the mountains, but we went back for the AF/Navy game this year and couldn’t believe how much more your area has grown, and we do not miss all the people. 😉 Thanks for stopping by Simplify, Live, Love. Have fun with your marshmallow shooters! Michelle

  6. It was so nice meeting you at ANEW. I already love the concept of you promoting local businesses. I will look forward to getting to know you better. Let me know when you need a new pen, I will gladly supply you with a personalized one! Thanks Sue

  7. I received an email from Laurie Yakish about Hungry Chicken Homestead. I know Laurie from events our non-profit for autism has done in the past. Our organization is called Stomp Out the Silence of Autism & Disabilities Inc, DBA: SOS-AD Inc & Hawkeye Ranch. We are trying to open assisted living for autism in Colorado. Keep up the good work, Bonnie.

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