When They Ask, “What Do You Do?”

I’m trying to write a post, but Mr. Pickles the Cat is aggressively trying to sit in my lap.

Patience the Cat is napping under my floor length skirt.

None of the birds mind. The doves are cooing downstairs and every once in a while some excited chicken talk comes through the window.

It’s a work day and I am working, but I am at home.

You see, people ask me pretty often what Hungry Chicken Homestead does and I’m never entirely sure how to answer. It does whatever the chickens and I happen to be interested in:

  • It sells a variety of naturally based anti-aging products (for humans)
  • It writes web content and blogs for locally owned businesses
  • It sells some eggs here and there, chicken permitting

Hungry Chicken Homestead is my answer to the question, “How can I work from home?”.
Photo on 2-16-18 at 1.20 PM

I didn’t know there was an answer until I got the chance to try it, but there definitely is and I’m sticking with it. I don’t have a get-rich-quick scheme and it’s taken me years to figure out how to really make this work. I’m grateful I stuck with it because if there is one thing that makes my life more enjoyable, it’s the freedom to be where I want to be.

I like to talk about this. If you’ve ever been curious, send me an email and I’ll tell you all about it. Maybe you can stay home too!


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