No Way Out? Escaping from an Escape Room

There we were, me and six other people who aspire to royalty, locked in the castle. We had been warned that the castle guards would return in 60 minutes, but if we could solve the puzzles set by the recently deceased mad king before they caught us then we would ascend to the throne and rule the empire.

The guide who had smuggled us in opened the door and whispered, “good luck” as we entered and then she locked the door behind us. We walked into the hush with trepidation, knowing many other brave renegades had tried, but all had failed.

The late king was indeed mad. He left puzzle after puzzle for hopefuls to solve. We ransacked the room, working together to solve the mysteries. Each puzzle led to yet another puzzle. We split up to solve puzzles simultaneously, as we raced against the clock and certain imprisonment should the guards catch us.

Locked In Escapes 2

When fifty-five minutes had gone by, we were all standing around a mysterious trunk, staring perplexedly at a puzzle we couldn’t seem to solve. At every moment, we imagined we heard the footsteps of the guards. Hearts pounded and our minds raced. Could we escape in time?

Locked In Escapes 5


Does that sound like fun? Head on over to the castle and you can try it too.

Locked-In Escapes is a family business located on Academy Blvd, in the most unexpected of places… an office building. Any member of this family might be the mad king of our story. Have you ever wondered if your children or your pets lie awake nights thinking of ways to make your day interesting? The Lingold and McDaniel families really do sit around together in the evenings dreaming up ways to stump us.

Locked In Escapes 3

They used to visit escape rooms as a family activity. Dawn and Ken Lingold and their five daughters all enjoy puzzles and this was a great way to spend time together as a family. In time, they began making up stories for escape rooms and naturally began looking into starting their own.

Locked In Escapes 1

Dawn and Ken, together with daughter Brandy McDaniel and son-in-law Brent McDaniel, opened Locked-In Escapes this spring with two rooms and just debuted a third. Visit their website for a description and the stories. You can make reservations online and you really should make a reservation in advance. They are currently booked two weeks out.

Locked In Escapes 4

And what of my group? Did we get caught and spend time in a medieval prison? We did not! We solved the puzzle with seconds to go and escaped in one piece!

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