Learn to make simple body products – or buy them from Simple Body

For some reason, I know a lot of people who can’t sleep. I don’t know if it’s politics or the dry climate or too much screen time, but they are up late. I’d like to use the first part of this post to recommend that they visit Simple Body for this product:

Simple Body FAce Serum

I haven’t actually tried it yet since the store isn’t open at 1AM, but it sounds like a really good idea.

I went to visit Simple Body to talk to Jewels Burdick, owner, tester and product-maker. Jewels is actually a professional graphic designer and if you’ve seen websites from Superfine Designs, she designed them.

“My whole life has been chaos,” she says, explaining how she came to be running a popular graphic design studio and a retail shop for which she makes all the products by hand.

Simple Body Deodorant

How Simple Body Got Started

In 2010, when Jewels was starting her fast-growing design studio, her mother had a health scare and they realized it was probably due to a common chemical, aluminum chloride. Jewels started looking for alternatives to the cosmetic product in which it is usually found … anti-perspirant.

Simple Body Deodorant 2

It’s easy enough to buy a deodorant that doesn’t have aluminum chloride in it, but it’s not anti-perspirant and they often don’t work as well as one would like. She tried 15 different brands, all expensive, and none of them worked.

What to Do When Nothing Works

What do resourceful people do when they can’t find an acceptable product? That’s right! They make their own. Jewels started making her own deodorant. It’s made from natural ingredients and melts easily on the skin. It also melts easily in the container too, in the summer, which is why you can buy it in a stick or in a jar.

Simple Body Lotion

What to Avoid

Jewels recommends a book called the Green Beauty Guide. It lists 100 ingredients that are toxic and helps you know what to avoid. Since it’s so hard to avoid all 100, Jewels started making other products like lotions, massage oils and baby care products.

Simple Body massage oil

It’s pretty amazing how she runs both businesses together. “Growing this business is important to me because I want to educate people,” she explains. “A lot of people don’t know! I also want to make a product that is affordable for everyone. It’s more about getting it into the  hands of people who care and are looking and can’t afford other alternatives.”

Simple Body scrub

It’s hard not to admire a person who works so hard for the benefit of others. It’s no easy task running a service business. I know this for a fact since I run a content writing business. Service work is detailed, it requires a lot of focus and clients can be exacting.

I can’t help but be a little awed that Jewels does all that and still finds a way to make time to make natural body care accessible to others.

Visit the website for classes and learn how you can make your own non-toxic body products straight from the expert! Or do what I do in these busy days and just visit the shop.

Note to the FCC: Jewels gave me a tube of her Healing Balm to try. It’s lovely, but my favorite product of hers is actually her clove deodorant, which I bought with money. Jewels also refers clients to my content writing business on occasion, but this doesn’t really affect my thoughts about deodorant.


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