How the Chickens Set Out To Start A Colorado Local Store

“I hate MLMs,” said my friend, referring to multilevel marketing companies like Nerium and Amway.

“Uh oh,” I thought. “How am I going to do this without making enemies…”

Let me explain … Hungry Chicken Homestead doesn’t just exist to be a Chicken Old Age Home. It’s our way of finding the middle ground of economic survival. We’re too exhausted to work in the corporate world anymore, but we have resources and want to support ourselves. This website and our corresponding content marketing business, Writer for Hire, keep us off the government welfare rolls and out of the cubicle.

We like to do this in the most self-sufficient way possible, which means having goals and values that help us treat people right.

  • Self-reliance: Take responsibility for ourselves and our needs
  • Humility: Don’t let our egos take us over
  • Simplicity: Don’t make things too complicated and overwhelming
  • Integrity: Treat people thoughtfully, kindly and respectfully while remaining true to our values
  • Modesty: Don’t go hog-wild with ambition and take more credit than we deserve
  • Curiosity: Find out about a thing before judging it

In this case, we were curious and we had a need for improved self-reliance.

Writer for Hire is a great work-from-home business, but unless I want to work with corporations (which I don’t), I can’t charge enough to produce high quality work while supporting the household.

The solution? Product sales.

We promote Colorado businesses, right? Why not give them a platform to make more sales on Hungry Chicken Homestead? That’s been on our list of things we want to do for quite a while and now we’ve begun work on it.

It will be called the Hungry Chicken Homestead Colorado Local Store and you can follow it on Facebook. 

We’re negotiating with local authors, jewelry-makers, jam-makers and others to make this happen and our local Design Break Studios are working on building us a virtual store.

Now, back to the MLMs where we started.

The first product we can really make available is Lemongrass Spa. Lemongrass Spa makes soap, makeup and some other stuff in Pine, CO. Interestingly, it’s popular on the East Coast. How do they sell it?

Multi-level marketing. In other words, Uh oh.

Stay tuned…

Part II: Three Reasons to Love Direct Sales (Please Don’t Hate Me)


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How the Chickens Set Out To Start A Colorado Local Store — 1 Comment

  1. I love your blog/web page! I’m still laughing about how you don’t want to just be an old age home for chickens.

    After reading that, for the first time ever, I’m grateful that Goldie & Blackie, the two old hens that started my adult love affair with chickens, were taken away by a great hawk from the sky.

    Before long, the cows, sows & other chicks on my ranch hope to have an advertising budget that will allow us to support your worthy endeavors.

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