Colorado Springs Local Business: Frog on a Limb Primitives

What is a primitive? You’re probably asking yourself that question and rest assured that I wondered too. I also asked Jessica, the owner of Frog on a Limb Primitives in Monument, CO, but the answer quickly faded in importance thanks to Jessica’s distracting homemade candy.

Colorado Springs homemade candy

I know. I should pay closer attention, but at some point during our discussion of how primitives are a style of decor in which old things made into something new with a vintage look, we began to discuss how they are made. Jessica makes the lion’s share of the items in the store and she was telling me how she learned from her great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and her father.

“From the time I could pull a stool to a sewing machine, I have been doing this,” she explained.

Colorado Springs homesteading store

One of the things she does is make mixes for baked goods and candy. She makes the packages, like the one above, herself.

This is about as far as we got because at that point she opened up a handmade package and gave me a piece of her homemade candy. It was a huge piece of bavarian cream brittle.

“Here. Try this,” she said, handing me this generous piece of candy.

“Oh, my,” I thought to myself. “How am I going to decline to eat this much sugar before lunch without offending her.”

I took the candy and delicately tasted it. Jessica continued telling her story about staying with her grandparents as a kid, where they gardened, carved soap, made wreaths and salt dough instead of watching TV or playing video games. I tasted the candy again, eventually holding it between my teeth as I took notes.

And then the candy took over. I was committed. It was too big to talk around and too tasty to waste.

It takes a long time to eat that much brittle and it’s hard to focus on anything else while you’re enjoying it. I’m sure everyone will understand when I say I didn’t really get the rest of the story, but I did take a lot of pictures and can show you what’s in the store.

Colorado Springs Homesteading store 2

Handmade Cake candles!

Handmade candles

Handmade rolled candles

Chocolate Merlot Cake Mix

Chocolate Merlot Cake Mix

Handmade spice blends

Handmade tea & spice blends

Local Honey!

Local Honey!

Oh no! More candy!

Oh no! More candy!

Colorado flour, sugar and even black pepper!

Colorado flour, sugar and even black pepper!

You’ll also want to know that they offer Colorado meats, including bison and chicken.

Colorado meat

And they offer classes.

Colorado Springs Homesteading Classes

As of this writing, here is the schedule…

April 23 straw bale gardening 2pm – 4pm
April 30 candlemaking 12 noon – 4pm
May 7 straw bale gardening 2pm – 4pm
May 28 canning class. Bread and butter pickles 12 noon – 4pm

Visit the shop at 341 Front Street in Monument, CO (a block north of Main St. in Old Monument) or call them at 719-481-8888 to sign up

And whatever you do, don’t eat the candy until after the class or you won’t learn anything!


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