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“Wow, those cookies look really good!”, murmured a fellow shopper at Furry Friends. “I want to eat one.”

“Sometimes people do eat them,” replied Debbie Brookham, co-owner of Furry Friends Inc. an adorable pet supply shop at Woodmen and Rangewood roads in northern Colorado Springs. “They are meant for dogs, but are fine for people too, even if they are a little surprised at how they taste.”
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We laughed, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to eat them.

This family business started out as a franchise of another business back in 2002. Debbie’s life has followed a similar trajectory to mine, making it fun to talk to her.

“I used to work in the corporate world,” Debbie would say.

“So did I!”, I would say.

“I got burnt out.”

“So did I!”

“I knew there was something out there where I could share my love for the dogs and make a living.”

“Me too! …. Ok, well, share my hilarity at the chickens, at least.”

And so on.

The Brookham family really know dogs and soon disengaged from the franchise, wanting the freedom to do better. They began by creating their own blend of food with a pet food nutritionist. They had plenty of testers and it was certain that the food would be well-regarded by dogs.

“I grew up with dogs,” she explains. “When we downsized, I just told people we got smaller dogs…but we got more of them!”

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Once the dogs had approved the food, they began delivering it, much to the delight of pet owners from Pueblo to Denver! They have their own brands of food for dogs in different stages of life and different needs. They even consult with people on the best way to feed their furry friends.

“Our mission is to create healthy lives by bringing people and pets together through good nutrition,” Debbie explained. As a person whose best friend is a cat with an outsized personality, this makes sense to me. The healthier Patience the Cat is, the less I fret.

Furry Friend

Debbie loves meeting people and as much as she enjoys the dog food delivery business, she wanted to help people and their pets more directly. Opening the store was a way to do this.

Not only can you buy food and toys off the shelf at Furry Friends, but you can wash your dog! The “Beach Club” has several human-waist-high tubs with steps leading up, making it easy for bather and bathee.

Dog Food Delivery Colorado Springs 3

They have a floor level shower too, for the biggest dogs.

Dog Food Delivery Colorado Springs 4

Visit Furry Friends at 3586 C Hartsel Dr.  Colorado Springs, CO 80920 or call the store: 719-495-7387. You can also request a free sample of their food.

You know what else Debbie told me? Furry Friends could add chicken feed to their delivery offerings if there is enough interest. I hope you’re interested because I sure am! Take this one-question survey to let us know what you think!


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