Local Food Week and the Dinners

If you’re on my mailing list (“Chickens on the Mailing List”), you’ll know I’ve been getting the dates all wrong this week.  I sent out a regular newsletter on Friday with information about the Community dinner and the Fall Harvest Dinner.  Then I got emails.

“Bonnie, you’ve got a bad date….the community dinner and harvest dinners are on Sept 15, not the 21st.  Still a hard decision to pick one!”, wrote my friend Donna.  I appreciate her gentle politeness since I can hardly think of anything more embarrassing than messing up something as simple as a date!

Later, Nichole Fetterhoff, Market Manager for the Farm and Art Market called me.  The Fall Harvest dinner would be postponed due to rain, she explained.

“Thank goodness!”, I thought to myself.  “Now I won’t look so foolish when I send out the correction for the other dinner.”

I sent out the correction, in which many of you no doubt noticed that I gave the wrong date for the rescheduled dinner!  Really!  That is actually what I did.

Clearly, I needed another nap or another cup of coffee or maybe a vacation.

I mention all this so that you know it might be best not to rely on my ability to be accurate this week.  I recommend clicking on the links and looking at the original sources to confirm.

Anyway, let’s try again…

Let's start with the Fall Harvest Dinner.

We’ll start with the Fall Harvest Dinner.

The Fall Harvest Dinner is a fundraiser for the Farm and Art Market.  It will be held on Sunday, September 22.  (I’ve double checked that.  Sunday is, in fact, September 22.)

The Farm and Art Market sent out an email with the details:

Due to the inclement weather, we have decided to reschedule CFAM’s Fall Harvest Fundraiser Dinner to the following Sunday, September, 22nd from 4-7pm. We hope that you are able to make this new date for the dinner and have lowered the ticket price to $65 to further entice you!

The meal will offer a social hour to meet with the farmers and nosh on appetizers, followed by a Farmer’s Table “Family Style” dinner expertly paired with wines from Dirk of The Wine Cellar, Bristol Beers, live music, and a silent auction.”

You can find the menu here.

As you can see, the price has been lowered to $65 per person.  You can either buy tickets from the board members or call the Margarita at 719-598-8667 to make a reservation (and bring cash or a check to the dinner).

Next up: The Community Dinner.

Next up: The Community Dinner.

After my initial mistake and subsequent correction, the Community Dinner was actually rescheduled due to rain as well.  It will be held tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 17.

Wendy Carson, the organizer, sent this email:

The dinner is now Tuesday, September  17 at Hillside Gardens at 5 pm.  If you cannot make it, please reply and allow me to release your tickets.  …  All extra donations after expenses will go directly to Black Forest Fire Department.”

The good news is you can now attend both dinners.  They were initially scheduled for the same night.  These sociable dinners are a great way to celebrate Local Food Week, which according to my triple-checked calculations, is this week!


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