Keeping People & their Pets Together: Harley’s Hope Foundation

Two sentences in my notes from my meeting with Cynthia Bullock, founder of Harley’s Hope Foundation, jump out at me.

“Girl needed bone marrow transplant.  Harley’s Hope had her four cats tested for toxoplasmosis.”

What does that mean?  It means the child could keep her cats with her while she endured this immune-system-killing procedure.  Harley’s Hope paid for the testing, making sure the cats didn’t have a disease the girl could pick up.

Why does it jump out at me?  Because my late husband would have been in the same place had he lived long enough.  He loved our cats and no doubt the girl loves hers.  Losing them at such a difficult time would have broken their hearts and taken away a powerful force for healing.

Anybody with a beloved pet knows what I'm talking about.

Anybody with a beloved pet knows what I’m talking about.

Harley’s Hope exists to help companion animals stay in their homes when problems like this arise.  They step in when an emergency threatens the human/animal bond.  Pets end up in shelters every day because they need expensive medical care that the owner can’t afford  or because they have behavior problems.  Sometimes the owner has to move and can’t afford a pet deposit on the new home.

Harley’s Hope steps in during these times to help.  “Keeping people and their pets together,” says their brochure.

I met Cynthia through Jerry Downing of Vision Foods.  Vision Foods makes and packages  the recipes of local food producing entrepreneurs.

You’re probably confused now.  What’s the connection between Harley’s Hope and Vision Foods?

Well, every foundation needs a source of funds.  You can donate directly and Harley’s Hope also sells Cynthia’s jellies, relishes and salsas to raise money!

Pretty clever, isn’t it?

Here we have Frisky Filly Salsa and Bad Bunny Blueberry Spice Jam.

Here we have Frisky Filly Salsa and Bad Bunny Blueberry Spice Jam.

You can also get flavors like Chow Chow Cherry Jam and Daschund Dill pickles.

We (Patience the Cat and I) tried the Bad Bunny jam this morning.  It’s blueberry, accented with cinnamon and cloves.

It's blueberry, accented with cinnamon and cloves.

I liked it a lot!  Patience seemed to prefer licking the cream cheese.

Cynthia gave me the jar of Frisky Filly Salsa too.

"When you need a little kick", it says.

“When you need a little kick”, it says.

Being from the Great Lakes region, I never developed much of a taste for salsa and I didn’t open it.  Would you like to try it?  I’ll raffle it off!  If you’re in Colorado Springs or the surrounding towns, leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner next Tuesday (4/16)!

And wherever you are, if you’re one of those people who knows the value of the human/animal bond, check out Harley’s Hope and think about making a donation or buying some of their products.

We can all take comfort from knowing they are out there preventing broken homes and broken hearts, one companion animal at a time.


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Keeping People & their Pets Together: Harley’s Hope Foundation — 3 Comments

  1. I actually met Cynthia years ago when I worked at the vet in Monument. I remember her passion about animal companions then. I understand the bond between animals and humans and the power our non-verbal friends have to convey their affection for us. It doesn’t take much for them to soothe our souls and provide us with quiet support when we need it. I couldn’t live without that.

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