Waffling: The Local Foods Meetup visit to Urban Steam

Of all the waffles I have ever eaten, I hereby declare that this one was the best.

Waffle Caprese, it's called on the menu.  It has basil pesto in the batter.

“Waffle Caprese”, it’s called on the menu. It has basil pesto in the batter.

I know, I know.  When reporting on the Colorado Springs Local Foods Meetup Group’s visit to Urban Steam Coffee, I should talk about the coffee.  Be patient.  We’ll get there.  I don’t eat many waffles and just need a moment to relive the experience.

“Obviously, this one was my favorite,” said the participant sitting next to me.  She showed me an empty plate that had been scraped of every last bit of mango salsa.

This is the "Del Waffle".

This is the “Del Waffle”.

We also enjoyed a waffle with house made whipped cream and fruit, known as a “Steambot Belgian”.

The fruit sauce made a lovely purple mustache on a young participant's face.

The fruit sauce made an adorable purple mustache on a young participant’s face.

The waffles were tender, flavorful and all-around wonderful.

“I’m SO happy!”, exclaimed one participant as a waffle was set down before her.

We did have coffee too.  I’ve written about Urban Steam before, but I missed their coffee expertise the first time.  They really know what they’re doing.  Kelly, the owner, told us all about how coffee is rated.  It’s tasted and carefully compared to other coffees.

Urban Steam specializes in high-end coffee.  It’s more expensive than the products you’ll find at chain coffee shops, but it appeals to a different kind of consumer.

photo 4-103

Seth, our barista, made the coffee in individual glass pots by pouring hot water over the ground beans.

High-end coffee resembles wine in many ways.  We tasted coffees from around the world, from Guatemala, India, Sumatra and Kenya.  They have different flavors, which are carefully described with words like “caramel” or “heavy-bodied”.  The four coffees we smelled & tasted were completely different from each other.

“This reminds me of the smell of the distillery in the center of San Jose, Costa Rica!”, said one participant of the Sumatran.

My personal favorite is the Guatemalan, which smells like toasted marshmallows.  These are “caramel” flavors, in coffee-speak.

As usual, this group of people who didn’t know each other at 10AM had all become friends by noon.

“YUMMMM!!! Good company and wonderful food on a cold morning — I really enjoyed it!”, reported one participant.

Does it sound like fun?  Join us next month!  We’re trying another new BBQ restaurant.

In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming of waffles.

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