Food Made from Food: Salt of the Earth Catering & Buffet

“It’s not like one of those corporate buffets,” explained Sherry Reitmayer, who owns Salt of the Earth, along with her husband, Patrick.  “It doesn’t have everything under the sun.  It’s more like being invited to a friend’s house, where everything was made from scratch.”

Fresh fruit salad with raspberry lime sauce.  No cans involved at all!

Fresh fruit salad with house-made raspberry lime sauce. No cans involved at all!

The Colorado Springs Local Foods Meetup visited for dinner on Tuesday.  Sherry & Patrick welcomed us and introduced themselves.  They rearranged the party room to make sure we were comfortable, invited us to help ourselves to an array of drinks (from coffee to lemonade) and visited us frequently to make sure we had what we needed.

We were very comfortable and left with full stomachs.

We were very comfortable and left with full stomachs.

The buffet changes every week.  I wanted to go this week because they had shredded beef & pork with homemade BBQ sauce.  Yum!

Patrick makes all the sauces.

Patrick makes all the sauces.

“I perfected the recipe for the Original sauce about 10 years ago,” Patrick said.  “My son helped me with the recipes for the other two, which we developed recently.”

His young son lobbied for more peppers in the Fiery Inferno sauce.

“Are you gonna eat it if I do that?”, he asked his son.

“No,” responded the honest child.

Nonetheless, it was still a bit spicy for me, but my tastes in BBQ sauce are as mild as my personality.

The decor is elegantly quiet, with chalkboard art, black tables and white walls.

The decor is elegantly quiet, with chalkboard art, black tables and white walls.

The Reitmayers enjoy running this restaurant and catering business because it gives them a place to practice the art of wholesome cooking and to spend time with their charming children.  The children, like children all over the world, are responsible for setting the tables.

You can really taste in the dishes that the Reitmayers use real, fresh food as ingredients.

“Really good food, comfortable atmosphere and reasonably priced.”, commented one member of the Meetup group.

Another said …

“The owners are a delightful couple,their children are adorable, the concept of the changing buffet is clever, the food didn’t taste like something right out of a can and the corn muffins were to die for. Great evening.”

photo 5-87Salt of the Earth has restaurant hours Monday through Thursday.  Stop in for lunch between 11AM – 2PM or dinner from 5PM – 9PM.  Since the buffet changes every week, you’ll want to check their restaurant page before you go.  But don’t worry if you don’t like it.  They have a regular menu too.

Whatever you get, it will taste fresh & homemade.  Just watch out for the Fiery Inferno sauce!



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