“The best German restaurant in town”: Uwe

How many times have I said this…?

“Next time, I’m just going to order an appetizer and dessert!”

After months of talking about it, the Colorado Springs Local Foods meetup group finally visited Uwe’s German Restaurant, on Iowa St. in the center of town.

Let me pause here to remind readers that I am not a food critic.  I’m a storyteller who promotes locally owned businesses and the pursuit of the American Dream.  Keep that in mind when you read my next statement.

I do not like German food.

It’s true.  I prefer more spices and less breading.  While my lively companions raved about their meals and offered each other samples of their dishes, I quietly put butter on everything and talked about something else.

I am glad I went, though.  You don’t know what you’re going to like until you try and I did find things to like.

This Cream of Green Bean soup tasted creamy and had bits of green beans.

This Cream of Green Bean soup tasted like creamy vegetables.

I enjoyed the soup.  And I should have interrupted another diner to take a picture of the salad.  It included things like spaetzle and potatoes.

Here we have weiner schnitzel and vegetables.

Here we have weiner schnitzel and vegetables.  I didn’t eat it, but I did enjoy how pretty it was.

I ordered the pork weiner schnitzel.  You can also get “jaeger schnitzel”, with mushroom sauce, which one of my companions ordered and devoured, or veal schnitzel.  Apparently, schnitzel recipes are pretty versatile.

Before I continue listing the things we ate, I’d like to mention our superior waitress.  I did not catch her name, but not only did she pay just the right amount of attention to us and offer us separate checks without being asked, but she also did something that has beleaguered many an attendant to our big group.

She was able to recognize me, even when I changed seats!

I’m not being sarcastic, a fact I mention lest you think I’m an ungracious restaurant patron.  Serving a three course meal to a big group of people you’ve never met is no easy task.  I have trouble remembering who wants what when I have friends over, but our exceptional waitress didn’t miss a beat when I moved to another part of the table to chat with other guests after we ordered.  She brought my order right to me.

She also asked if we wanted dessert, to which I answered, “Yes!”, before she finished the sentence.

I learned I like hot apple strudel.  I ordered it without whipped cream or ice cream and ate the whole thing.

I discovered hot apple strudel is my favorite German dish. I ordered it without whipped cream or ice cream and ate the whole thing.

I said next time I would just order an appetizer and dessert, but my companions offered to eat the entree for me.  All fans of German food, they said Uwe is the best German restaurant in town!

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