Good for the Body and Good for the Soul: Nourish Organic Juice

Note:  Nourish Organic Juice recently opened a juice bar at 303 E. Pikes Peak Ave!  It’s on the southeast corner of Pikes Peak and Weber St.  Stop in for fresh-pressed juice, kale chips, a cheerful atmosphere and a variety of locally produced products!


I ordered the Soul Sparkle.

And the High Five.

And the Chocolate River smoothie, too.  Who could resist something that evokes visions of molten chocolate snaking its way across the plain?

After my visits to Evelyn and Nicole, of Nourish Organic Juice, I think to myself that I shouldn’t go see them anymore because I always end up bringing home more juice than I expected.

Then I banish the idea.

What better product to spend my money on than bottles of fresh vegetable and fruit juice?  Every bottle has 2 – 5 lbs. of produce in it and fills the vegetable gap on cold days when I only want to eat potatoes.

How else, when my mother asks if I’m eating enough vegetables, would I be able to truthfully state, “Today, I drank a beet!”?

Besides, I always come away inspired by the “Juice Girls”.

“We want to change the world,” Evelyn told me.

“And we aren’t afraid to say it!”, adds Nicole.  “Why not have big goals and dreams?”

The two talk of everything from orchestrating community volunteer opportunities to teaching kids how to cook to helping other small businesses.  Sometimes, they excitedly talk over each other and I just look from one to the other, as if it were a fast-moving tennis match.  I like that because I can stay submerged in my Chocolate River smoothie, though I frequently come up for air to laugh along with them and their good natured humor.

For these two, juice is the conduit to a better world.

I've never seen Nicole, on the left, wear the same hat twice.

I’ve never seen Nicole, on the left, wear the same hat twice.

“When people take care of themselves, they treat everything better,” they explain.  We start by taking care of our bodies, then of our relationships and then our community.

True to form, Nourish partners with other businesses in town, applying their considerable energy and delicious juices for the benefit of both organizations.  You never know where you might find them!  That is, unless you’re on their mailing list or follow them on Facebook.

Next time you’re in need of nutrition or inspiration, you can find a variety of Nourish juices at Mountain Mama Natural Foods on Uintah and 19th St.  Look for them at Colorado College in the near future and Mountain Naturals may join the list as well.

If you’re lucky, you might find the girls and the juice in their Mobile Juice Bar, a trailer that was a hot dog and soda truck in its former life.  They’ve refitted it, but it still has the old soda fountain, reminding customers of the choices we can make for ourselves.

Evelyn and Nicole want you to choose a better you and a better world.


Want to keep up with the Nourish News? Follow their story and be the first to find out when their fresh juice becomes available at a new store!  They’ll begin offering kale chips soon, as well.

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