Fifteen Local Businesses who can help with your Holiday Parties

Chickens know the importance of good snacks.  Here we have a picture of my flock, snapped as snacks were being distributed.


Personally, I love it when my party guests have the same response to my buffet table and I bet you do too.

Colorado Springs has an abundance of food vendors who get this response.  We have caterers of all stripes, businesses that specialize in a specific item and bakeries worth writing home about (I write to my parents about them all the time).

Let’s start with the meal and then I’ll move on to dessert.

Ranch Foods offers every cut of meat you can think of, plus locally grown and produced products.

If you’re doing your own cooking, consider visiting Ranch Foods Direct.  They carry beef, lamb, chicken and even rabbit!

If you want someone else to do the cooking, you can still find someone who uses locally sourced ingredients.

Everything Chef Greg from Blue Sage touches turns out delicious.

Blue Sage Catering uses ingredients from the Arkansas Valley Organic Growers (in season) to make a variety of creative and tasty dishes.  You can visit them at their cafe at Centennial and 30th St.

If you’d like something a little whimsical for your party, visit Faerie Tales Bakehouse on W. Colorado Ave.

Faerie Tales Bakehouse and Catering offers meals and desserts, like this balsamic strawberries & cream dish.

For something a little lighter, consider tapas from Cucuru or Tinta De Toro.

Cucuru Gallery and Cafe offers a variety of tapas dishes.

You’ll find Cucuru on W. Colorado Ave & 24th St.  Chef Angela Valencia runs Tinta De Toro, offering cooking classes (which make a great gift) as well as catered spanish tapas for dinner parties.  You may be able to find some of her products at the Tabor Mountain Bakehouse, at Uintah and 19th St.

I took this picture of Tabor Mountain Bakehouse’s nut butter rice cakes before they opened their own storefront. I knew them before they were famous!

Tabor Mountain Bakehouse offers a wide variety of gluten free meals and treats, including soups, entrees and desserts.  They also carry treats you can share with your dog from Angela’s Cupcakes and Pupcakes, and gluten free El Salvadoran dishes from Monse’s Taste of El Salvador.

Angela’s Cupcakes & Pupcakes also makes elaborate cupcakes, but they aren’t gluten free. Visit the website to order.

Whew!  That’s eight locally owned food businesses.  Let’s take a break.


We’ve got seven more to go.

If the weather ever gets colder, you might want some soup.  Did you know we have two soup experts here in town?  Her Story Cafe makes a different soup from scratch every week.  You can pick up a batch at the Cafe on Academy & Astrozon.  Souped Up! also makes soup from scratch and they offer a subscription service!  You pay once a month for eight soups delivered to your home.

Souped Up! offers two new selections every week.

And now, on to dessert!

Let’s begin with pie.  Dr. Sweet’s Bakery, at Academy & Flintridge, offers cakes, cookies and beautiful pies.


The Cupcake Girls, on Nevada & Platte make lovely mini and full sized cupcakes.

You can also get flavorful cupcakes and whoopie pies at Bliss Bakery at Rockrimmon & Vindicator.

And finally, if you’re looking for gifts or something unique to serve, consider The Colorado Fudge Maker or Art & Style Baking.  Sheila, the Fudge Maker, will make any flavor you request, no matter how unusual.  And Christine, of Art & Style, offers one-of-a-kind cookies.

Art & Style Baking can print your logo or picture right onto the cookie in edible ink!

That’s 15 businesses, but we all know more are out there.  Leave a comment if you know of a locally owned business I haven’t written about.  Colorado Springs has so many creative business owners, I could write about them all month!

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