Colorado Springs Cupcake Update

In a world of constantly evolving cupcakes, one can never rest.  New cupcakes appear on the scene every day and though it may sometimes feel like a burden, keeping up with the cupcake innovations is the only way to keep up with the times.

What is a modern person to do?

I was going to write about my maple chocolate pudding today, but had no pictures. Besides, if I write about other people’s cupcakes, I don’t have to wash the dishes from the blog post.

I’ll start with the Cupcake Girls,  bakers you’ll find on Platte & Nevada downtown.  I’ve written about them and their comfortable, prettily decorated shop before.  They have wifi now and the atmosphere remains as pleasant as ever.  They also have some new offerings.

On the left, we have a fig-pomegranate cupcake and on the right, you see a berry cheesecake cupcake.

The Cupcake Girls always make creative cupcakes, but these are particularly skillful.  The cream cheese frosting on the fig cupcake is infused with pomegranate flavor and the cheesecake is moist, with a buttery crust.

Cheesecake and cream cheese frosting … cream cheese is as good a reason to spend part of the afternoon working out of this shop as any.  So is the Colorado Coffee Merchants coffee they offer.  It pairs well with cupcakes … and just about anything else.

More mini cupcakes, this time from Cake Crumbs on Bijou St.

My cupcake research also took me to the Cake Crumbs bakery on Bijou.  They also offer mini cupcakes, along with full sized cupcakes.

Don’t these look dreamy?

I brought home a big Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake and a mini Chocolate cupcake, which disappeared before I could get the camera out.  The peanut butter came through loud and clear in the big cupcake.  I always have liked Cake Crumbs cakes.  Once, after a rainstorm broke my tent and soaked my feet through when I was selling food at the Farm and Art market, I soothed my frustration by buying two cupcakes from the Cupcake Truck (Cake Crumbs’ mobile unit).  I packed everything up, put my feet in a tub of warm water and ate both cupcakes at once.

It worked.  I felt much better.

I didn’t ask what this was, but it appears to be some sort of cupcake decorating bar.

Are you feeling a sugar rush yet?  Alas, modern life can be overwhelming.

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