Art and Food in Monument, CO: Wisdom Tea House

The Colorado Springs Local Foods Meetup group finally headed up north to try a restaurant in Monument, CO (just north of Colorado Springs, for readers out of town).  We visited Wisdom Tea House, a place of interesting food, art and tea.  The theme carries over to its location, an old house that you can explore while looking for a table.

The group started with tea.  I ordered last because I was thinking very carefully about the hot cocoa on the menu.  I find it difficult to pass up anything with handmade whipped cream, but after much contemplation I decided tea would go better with the salad I ordered.  Wisdom offers a whole page on its menu filled with nothing but tea.  I settled for the lapsang souchong, a distinctive tasting, smoky tea.

If you want to see your tea while it’s brewing, Wisdom will put it in a glass teapot.

I ordered a “Green Mountain Salad”, salad with cranberries and walnuts, to go with it.

My lunch got the vote for the best dish at our table! Somehow, I feel triumphant. I have good ordering skills.

The tea came with timers, the kind you flip over and let the “sands of time” fall to the bottom.  One member brought two children and they enjoyed timing us with the sand.

The rest of us enjoyed comparing our food and getting to know each other.

Note the art on the walls. It’s everywhere!

The proprietors of Wisdom have filled it with art.  You can find it on the patio, on the walls and in the arrangement of the food.

Everyone gets here in their own way.

The peaceful front gate.

Even the sun makes its own art here!

After lunch, the group broke up and I snuck back in to order a cup of hot cocoa.  I’m glad I did.  Nothing finishes off a pretty lunch like chocolate and handmade whipped cream.

Choose your own teacup. Enjoy a peaceful and pretty cup of tea.

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