Strawberries and Creativity: Faerie Tales Bakehouse & Catering

I was walking down W. Colorado Ave. last week, looking for that most elusive of urban objects, a mailbox, when it started raining.  Luckily, I happened to be at 12th Street and suddenly Faerie Tales Bakehouse seemed to materialize out of the mist.  I decided there was no better time to have lunch.

This fellow greeted me, along with the smell of something wonderful in the kitchen.

I would have been disturbed, except that he was orange and sparkly.

Marty, one of the owners, rescued me from the sparkly spider and offered me a table in one of the dining rooms.

“What smells so good?”, I asked.

“Everything!”, she responded.

The kitchen was busy cooking for a wedding they were catering and it was an odd time of day, 4:00 PM, but Marty said I could order anything on the menu.  Wet and chilled from the rain, I started with a cup of tea.

The perfect antidote to a cold rain!

It took me a long time to choose from the many dishes on the menu.  Marty came back a few times.  I marveled at how she perfectly balances friendliness with space to think.  I felt very welcome and entertained, but she never talked too long.

I finally decided what to eat and it arrived quickly!

First, some nice warm soup with a nice warm roll. The soup was just a bit spicy!

Next, the chicken marsala with potatoes and wonderful, buttery vegetables. I didn’t know zucchini could taste so good!

Marty came back at just the right time.

“Would you like dessert?  Everything on the menu is available, except the freezer broke and we don’t have any ice cream.”

“Oh,” I said, “that’s too bad.  I was going to order the balsamic strawberries.”  Normally, these are served over vanilla bean ice cream.

“Well,” she said, thoughtfully.  “We could put them over whipped cream, I suppose.”

“That’s a great idea!”, I said, jumping on the opportunity to eat whipped cream without a heavy, sugary dessert.

I cannot describe how good this was. I could have eaten two.

After I devoured dessert, I told Marty how good it was.  Honestly, I didn’t really want ice cream after my encounter with the rain.  The lightly sweetened, fluffy, handmade whipped cream made the strawberries and balsamic vinegar into the perfect rainy day dessert.

Lindsey, the other owner, is the creative force behind Faerie Tales’ menu.  I’ve never met her, but I keep hoping someone will invite me to an event they are catering.

Stop in sometime.  You won’t find a mailbox for a mile in any direction, but it’s worth the trip just for the strawberries.

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    • Just a hop, skip and a jump away if you’re driving, but it’s a little different when you’re on foot and it’s raining. 🙂 I try to walk the neighborhoods as much as possible. Driving is easier, but you miss a lot.

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