“Everything looked and tasted wonderful!”: Blue Sage Cafe

Chef Greg Soukup has a kohlrabi, and he’s not afraid to use it.

The Colorado Springs Local Foods Meetup group visited Blue Sage Cafe for lunch and oh, what a lunch it was!

“Lunch was fabulous!”, commented one attendee on the group website.  “Everything looked and tasted wonderful!”

Everything did indeed look and taste wonderful. This colorful plate contains the Smoked Turkey and Brie sandwich, with cranberry-almond chutney.

Midway through lunch, Chef Greg, a person I’ve never met before, stopped by the table and set this incredible plate down.

We loved the chocolate cookie cups with hazelnut cream, but since this is a group of people interested in food, the conversation centered on this question, “What did he poach the pear in?”. Even young Colin liked the pear.

“I just wanted to thank you all for coming in,” he said.

I jumped up and introduced myself.  Meeting the chef, for a food group, is like meeting a celebrity.

“I’m Bonnie, the organizer of this group.  I love your restaurant!”, I gushed.  “And I have a blog about local businesses & food.”

Chef Greg lit up.  “Oh!”, he said. “Come see the cooler.”

Now, I know this might not seem like the cat’s meow to the average person, but I immediately abandoned my lunch and my companions to take advantage of this opportunity.  He led me into the clean, open kitchen of the place and opened the cooler.

“Omigosh!”, I exclaimed.  “It looks just like my kitchen!”

My kitchen is brighter and warmer than a cooler, but I do have box upon box of produce from the Arkansas Valley Organic Growers and Grant Family Farms, just like Blue Sage!  We looked through the boxes of locally grown produce and Chef Greg told me about the creative, delicious dishes he makes from produce grown right here in our region!

A box from northern Colorado’s Grant Family Farm.

I love the commitment to local farmers and the willingness to take on the challenge of cooking seasonally.  It says something about the chef.  After all, why wouldn’t a brilliant chef buy locally when meat and produce are available?  He has the talent to turn these high quality ingredients into something amazing, a fact demonstrated by what happened next.

Chef Greg picked up a kohlrabi.  I hate kohlrabi.  When I get them in my farm share, they go right into the Chicken Snack Bin.

“What do you do with that?”, I asked, perplexed.

“I make a remoulade from them.”

See.  Brilliant.  I had to look up “remoulade” later.

This thick butternut squash soup had toasted squash seeds on top. “Why waste the seeds?”, said Chef Greg.

The group lingered until about half an hour after closing time, a fact I only discovered later.  No one mentioned the time or when they close.  Blue Sage is open Monday – Friday for lunch, offering beautiful and delicious food at very reasonable prices.  Stop by and try it.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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