How I learned to let the bartender make the drinks: Over Easy, a Daytime Eatery

Where do we get our news these days?  Television?  Newspapers?


I follow the marvelous Colorado Springs Food Tours to keep up on their offerings (check out the website for their new Downtown Cocktail Tour).  They know all the local restaurants and yesterday posted a flyer for the brand new breakfast-and-brunch place, Over Easy.

I contacted my favorite lunch companion and local social media expert, Pk from Helium Elemental Creative Marketing.  How did I contact her?

On Facebook.

“Brunch, anyone?”, I posted on her page and off we went!

Over Easy is at 28A Tejon.  Despite the focus on breakfast they are open until 2:30 on weekdays.  We walked into a cheerful, busy place.  Not bad for a first day!

Nonetheless, we were seated immediately and asked for a drink order.  Over Easy gets its coffee from Barista Roasters on West Colorado Ave. and the friendly waitress took us on a tour of the drink menu, including the Make-Your-Own bloody mary bar.  Really.  You can make it yourself!

In the name of research, we both decided to try this.  The waitress brought glasses, rimmed with smoky salt from Savory Spice Shop, which is just down the street.

Since I have absolutely no idea what goes into a bloody mary and had never tried one before, she walked us through the process until I had a completed drink.

“How is it?”, she asked.

I tasted it and wrinkled my nose.  “I think I’ve discovered I don’t like this kind of drink.”

“Hmm… would you like something else?”, she responded.

I asked if the bartender would be so kind as to make me one of their signature mimosas with the fresh squeezed orange juice.  She quickly took away the drink I didn’t like and took it off the bill.

This bright, sunshiny mimosa was delicious!

After all that excitement, we ordered food too.  The chef has a way with basil.

This yogurt based tomato-basil soup has basil, yogurt and balsamic vinegar on top. I tried not to embarrass Pk by licking the bowl.

This yummy dish included prosciutto, tomato and hollandaise sauce. And basil.

I snuck a picture of Pk’s sandwich. It’s fancy cheese, ham and honey. She took a bite and said, “Why didn’t I ever think to put honey on my grilled cheese sandwiches?”

Check out this new offering from the Colorado Springs based Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group if you happen to be downtown.  But if you’re like me, a person who has been focused on coffee all her life, let the bartender make the drink.

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How I learned to let the bartender make the drinks: Over Easy, a Daytime Eatery — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Bonnie,
    Cool that you already made it by Over Easy – I’m looking forward to my first visit soon.
    Just wanted to make a case for newspapers still being relevant.
    I actually wrote about Over Easy for the first time on Aug. 1 in my weekly food news column, Side Dish ( So you could have learned about it even sooner from me. 🙂 I try to stay ahead of openings, closings, new menus, etc. Plus our INDY Facebook page links to a bunch of our content, if you prefer to stay on FB for your news.
    Anyway, best of luck with HCH – glad to have you in our local food community.

    • You’re absolutely right about newspapers being relevant, Matthew! Silly humor aside, you and your newspaper colleagues do a great job of keeping us informed about where to find great food and local businesses in town. Thanks for the tip about where to find Side Dish online. I’m relying on you to give me more places to try and thus more excuses to eat out… 🙂

  2. I’m thrilled to find out about a Bloody Mary Bar in town! Sorry to hear that you aren’t a fan…that just leaves more for me…

  3. Nice write-up Bonnie! I’m so happy to see this. I didn’t know about Over Easy but it sounds like my kind of place. I’ll be sure to let the owner know I heard about them from You! I’m a Bloody Mary lover from way back so I’ll check that out for sure.

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