Painting our hearts out and our cares away: Paint the Town

I actually did paint the town. Or at least one tiny part of it.

Paint the Town, brainchild of Bev Selby, is a locally-owned, family-friendly painting studio. “Family-friendly” refers to the fact that Bev does not serve adult beverages with your canvas. You can schedule an adults-only party and bring your own, but most of the time children are welcome. And “locally-owned” refers to the fact that Paint the Town is a local success story, started here and now becoming a franchise.

The DivaDOM crew felt a bit like children while we were painting. It’s a soothing activity and somehow we painted all our cares away. I’ve written about DivaDOM before. Katie Stedman schedules a girls-night-out once a month at a local place for dessert and conversation. We have eaten pie at Stir, shared cupcakes with the Cupcake Girls and enjoyed four full size desserts with the House Chef of Colorado Springs, but this is the first time we’ve created anything ourselves.

Since we are a Dessert of the Month Club, someone brought a chocolate fountain!

When I arrived, Bev introduced herself and then suggested I pick out one of the paintings covering the walls as a template for my own. But no, I had to be difficult and asked if I could paint a picture of a photograph I’d taken.

I took this picture somewhere in Colorado Springs.

Bev knows what she is doing. Rather than pointing out that I have no painting experience and couldn’t possibly make it look like the photograph, she did a little research and found a painting online that looked like my picture.

“How about this?”, she said.

“Sure!”, I said. It had never occurred to me that using someone else’s painting of flowers would be easier than trying to make it up myself.

My expectations for the final painting were actually pretty low. I figured it would be fun to do the work, but it would look silly in the end and be relegated to the back of a closet when I got home.

I was surprised at what happened next. Bev put some paint on a paper plate, drew a faint chalkline on the canvas and said, “Ok, paint this part blue. Don’t worry about blending the paint too much. It’s ok if it’s different colors.”

In other words, she walked me through the painting. She’s not just the owner of the shop, she’s also the teacher!

And she’s a good teacher! With a mere word of advice here and a bit of direction there, my painting came out beautifully! I proudly took a picture and sent it to a friend with the caption, “I made this!”.

I made this!

Once again, I am looking for an excuse to have a party. I imagine a painting party at Paint the Town with cookies from Art & Style Baking. Not only would painted cookies go nicely with painting, but I’m encouraging (begging) Katie to schedule any DivaDOM event that involves eating Art & Style cookies.

I’m really good at eating cookies, but I could still use the practice painting.

My friend Amy was working on this one. She doesn’t need as much practice painting as I do, but I bet I could convince her to practice eating cookies anyway.


Painting our hearts out and our cares away: Paint the Town — 2 Comments

  1. I love you wrote about your time at Paint the Town! It was such a fun & relaxing night! Can’t wait for you to come again!!! I am glad your chickens were happy when you arrived home!



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