Somewhere, someone is feeding her children because I bought shoes: Yobel Market

“I admit it.  I’m the sort of person who will buy the hat, I might even buy several hats, but I don’t want to hear the stories.  They make my stomach hurt.”

I made this comment during a chat with Nathan Fischer, owner of Ideas Ablaze, a local graphic design and marketing company that helps authors get their books on the market.  We were talking about my hat, which I bought at Yobel Market, found at 2528 B W. Colorado Ave, near the Colorado City Creamery.

Yobel is a fair-trade boutique.  I had been looking for one for a while when I found it.  I love the idea of my hat purchase helping some hard-working person somewhere, whether it’s a local hat artist or a poverty-fighting co-op in Uganda.

Volunteers actually run this boutique, while its owners travel the world helping people build businesses to support themselves and their children.

I visited the shop recently and met an enthusiastic young lady who convinced me to buy a pair of these Sseko shoes.  You buy the platform and then choose one or more sets of straps.  The Sseko website shows a dozen different ways to lace up the straps, making them the most versatile sandals I have ever owned.

Even the kittens love them.

I’ve always been a fan of hats.  Why people stopped wearing them everywhere, I’ll never know.  I picked up this hat and learned it’s made by Restore Innocence, an organization that rescues victims of trafficking right here in Colorado Springs.  Did you know we had trafficking here?  I didn’t.

I bought a hat.  And next week I might buy this bag.  The stories are too hard to hear, but I can handle using my hat money to help.

“But, Bonnie, “ you say, “I thought the theme of your blog was local business.”

It is.  You’re right.  I love local businesses because they show us people using their own hard work to go after their dreams.  Yobel is just such a dream for Donovan and Sarah, the founders.  Not only that, they use their energy and vision to help people all over the world build businesses and follow their own dreams.

And sometimes their shop helps people right under our noses, right here in Colorado.  What could be more local than that?

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