Urban Cupcakes: The Cupcake Girls Downtown

The cupcake flavors were ET Phone Home, Eat Your Greens, Pink Velvet and something we devoured before it had a chance to tell me its name.

I can’t take credit for this lovely picture. I’ve borrowed it from the Cupcake Girls website.

The Cupcake Girls, energetic bakers of creatively flavored (and named) cupcakes, have just opened a store at E. Platte and N. Weber.  I’ve been waiting for this store since they described the concept at a DivaDOM (Dessert of the Month Club) outing last year.  The Cupcake Girls have only been in business for a year or so.  They rapidly built their business through smart marketing, beautiful cupcakes and what I believe is sheer force of will.

The shop is cool, uncluttered and has wifi, making it the perfect spot to linger over a cupcake and a cup of Colorado Coffee Merchants’ coffee with your laptop.  It caters to its urban clientele and the interior acts as an extension of the neighborhood.  Andrea and Lisa, the owners, found lovely secondhand pieces of furniture, which they’ve used to create a shop that invites you to linger.  It’s a comfortable space, like an old house, which makes sense since most of their cupcakes come from family recipes.

They feature four flavors each day, which you can buy as mini or full size cupcakes.  They also have cupcake shaped cookies and brownies.  Want specific flavors?  Not only will they take orders for your party, but they’ll rent you a cupcake stand to display them!


I walked in and the conversation went like this.

Me:  “I’d like one of each, please.”

Lisa:  “Would you like mini or regular cupcakes?”

Me:  “Mini, please.  I’m overwhelmed by regular cupcakes.”

Lisa:  “I remember you from the DivaDOM event.  You only took one bite of each cupcake.”

It’s true.  I admit it.  A person my size can’t taste every cupcake in town without the risk of needing a new wardrobe, but I promise I carefully savor those single bites.  I’m just saving room for the next visit and the next batch of cupcakes.  Next time I’ll get all their names before biting into them.

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