Shoo fly. Don’t bother me. I’m enjoying my coffee at Stir.

I didn’t ask the most obvious question.

What on earth is a Shoo Fly Pie and why do we call it that?  Does it contain raisins?  Raisins kind of look like flies.  I have learned recently that it is not a “shoe”-fly pie, which would suggest flying shoes, a concept that has doesn’t make sense at all.



Obviously, I had never encountered such a pie until I visited Stir, the new coffee shop in Bonn Shopping Center at Wasatch and E. Jackson St.




It was 7:30 AM, a bit too early for me to eat or think about pie and I’m sorry to say I didn’t try it.  I also have to admit I’m not sure which of these is the shoo fly pie, though both of them look mouth-watering as I write this after dinner.







What I did do was drink a lovely and delicious latte.  Stir buys the espresso from R&R Coffee Cafe, a shop in Black Forest that roasts as well as serves coffee.

The best part of the experience for me was meeting the owner!  I saw her behind the counter and said, “Hey!  I know you!”

Sabrina had worked at Colorado Coffee Merchants, another favorite coffee shop of mine.  She told me she had wanted to open a shop for some time and decided to take the plunge when the interesting space Stir now occupies became available.

I love that!  I love that a person can be working for someone else one day and the next time you see her, she’s the owner of her own coffee shop!  It’s the American Dream in action.  With hard work, good friends and a little luck, you can live the life you choose.

Here are Sabrina, her sister and a happy young man, living that life.


Stir is a comfortable spot with good coffee, and Sabrina and her sister make the pies.  (Uh oh!  See that statement corrected below).  I hope you’ll check it out.  If you like it, visit again and support this local endeavor.

And will someone please, please tell me what a shoo-fly pie is!  I’ll try it, but only if it didn’t get the name from raisins!

(Correction:  Sabrina wrote to give pie credit where credit is due.  Most of the pies are made by Jackie Conway, with the occasional experiment in-house.  Whoever makes them, they sure look good!)

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Shoo fly. Don’t bother me. I’m enjoying my coffee at Stir. — 4 Comments

  1. Shoo-fly Pie is an old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe – delicious combination of molasses and crumbly cake textures … haven’t experienced since my childhood summers in PA w/ grandparents. Excellent!

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