An urban store for urban homesteaders: Buckley’s Homestead Supply

Remember the Great Pickle Experiment from last summer? I made fermented pickles in half gallon Ball jars, causing friends and family to be concerned about the science experiment bubbling on my counter. I made them in the jars because I do not own a pickle crock. So you can imagine my excitement when I attended the Grand Opening of Buckley’s Homestead Supply and they held a raffle for just such a crock!

That’s my kind of store.



I didn’t win the raffle, but I feel like I hit the jackpot with the shop. It’s hardly a mile from my homestead, in a friendly looking building at West Colorado Ave and 15th Street. They have everything I need, from chicken feed to soap making supplies and even a cheese press!

“I’m so tired of plain goat cheese,” I said on the phone. “Do you have the culture to make chevre? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.”

“We do have that,” was the response.

See. Jackpot.

Owners Ed and Allison Buckley mind the shop, answering questions and sharing stories with customers. I mentioned my pickles fermenting in their jars and Allison shared her grandfather’s story.

“My grandmother made those same pickles in jars, but she screwed the lids on too tight. My grandfather said they were sitting quietly in the house when …


The fermentation gasses couldn’t escape and the jars exploded. It wasn’t just one jar, either. Since they were started at about the same time, they exploded at short intervals, like pickled demolition explosives.

“My grandfather loved to tell that story,” Allison said.

In addition to great stories, Buckley’s also has a great selection of canning supplies. They have beautiful, high quality water bath canners, and pressure canners too. They also have Ball and Weck jars, as well as the salts and pectins you might need for your recipes.

Sign up for my next canning class on Tuesday July 17th, if you’d like to learn how to use the water bath canner. Local farms have an abundance of fruit right now and it’s a great opportunity to save some money and eat local all winter!

And whatever homesteading activity you’re working on, check out Buckley’s for supplies. Especially if you’re making fermented pickles. Those pickle crocks might just be more important than we think!


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