Five Reasons You’ll Love Her Story Cafe (Or Mac and Cheese and me)

I have two words for you.  Ranch Seasoning.

Ranch seasoning in the macaroni and cheese is the first reason you should visit Her Story Cafe.  In fact, go right now.  I’d hate for you to miss the mac & cheese if the cafe runs out.

Yes.  It’s that good.  The cheese sauce is made from scratch and lightly seasoned.  The macaroni has just the right texture, not too hard and not too soft.  I devoured this warm, creamy bowl so fast, I burned my tongue.  (Note to self:  Please be more patient next time.  The mac & cheese isn’t going to sprout legs and run away).

Reason #2

If you’re a history buff or the parent of one (or would like to be), visit the cafe for its women’s history theme.  The sandwiches have names like the Sally Ride Blast and the Molly Brown.

Liz named her most recent offering, the Jerri Marr Sandwich platter, after the highly capable U.S Forest Service supervisor who recently kept us informed about the Waldo Canyon Fire.  Choose three sandwiches and two sides for $10.  Share the platter and the story with a daughter who needs a role model.

Reason #3

The cafe is bright and cheerful, with very reasonable prices.  A good, home cooked lunch can be had for less than $10 and eaten in a clean space with plenty to spark conversation.  If the women’s history theme doesn’t provide enough inspiration, check out the story board where colorful sticky notes finish sentences like “I am proud of…” and “I promise to …”

Reason #4

My lunch companion heard this statement during our conversation.

“So I put the kittens in the bathroom so Snowball could eat after … HEY!  THERE’S A BANANA IN MY BANANA PUDDING!!”

Ok, so maybe I got a little overexcited.  But actual slices of banana were hiding in the Jane Goodall Banana Pudding.  I wasn’t expecting the pleasure of fresh fruit!

Reason #5

Liz, the owner, is reason #5 and maybe the best one of all.  She built this business from scratch (just like the mac & cheese!) and now she’s busy promoting other people’s businesses as well as her own.  She wants to see the southeast quadrant of this city thrive.

After the dreadful Waldo Canyon fire, I’m not the only one who can claim to know something about the importance of community in hard times.  You know it too.  We all want to contribute and with the interruption in tourism, small businesses especially need our patronage now.

When you need a sandwich, drive past the chains and check out a business owned by your neighbors, owned by people with a stake in Colorado Springs; stop by a business like Her Story Cafe.

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