How to Get Local Farm Food in Colorado Springs

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The world sure is complicated these days!

Most of us don’t really know where our food comes from. We don’t know how the electricity gets to our homes.

How many of us have online friends we’ve never met, but can’t remember the name of the neighbor across the street?

Hungry Chicken Homestead chickens Heather Sams Fine Portraits

We at Hungry Chicken Homestead here in the city of Colorado Springs want to keep our community cohesive. We do that by doing what backyard farmers do every day.

We raise a little food & buy directly from farmers. We run businesses from our homes. We greet our neighbors. We try to make our world a little bit smaller and easier to understand.

We try to know our neighbors, our community and our food.

Buy local, be local

Larga Vista Ranch Raw Milk, EggsYou are part of the community too! Take advantage of our wonderful Colorado Springs food resources! Click to learn where to find local food, farms & businesses.


Learn about local backyard farms and Colorado Springs businesses!

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